Zwonder Series

Zwonder Series

What is Zwonder?
So if you're new to Zwonder and this website. Basically remakes the best moments in Half Life 2 and adds more to it, into a defence map. THEY ARE MAPS, .BSP's.

History of Zwonder?
At first Zwonder was just a stupid little endless map. It got better, ALOT better with real effort which was Zwonder 1 (Crap) to Zwonder 2 V.2 (Awesome!). Then Zwonder 3, which not only has better mapping, its bigger, better, and several game configs.

Whats so special about Zwonder?
Other zombie survival maps are extremley small. Not much effort, not music, effects, most of them don't have waves, none the less rounds or so. But most of them don't have love!
Zwonder offers hours of defending, new waves, music, effort, and alot of replay value. And only Requires Half Life 2 Episode 2 and Gmod.

Requirements are Garry's Mod, and Half Life 2 Episode 2. No gamemode, or svn or crap like that.

So what are Game Configs? (ONLY in Zwonder 3)
Once you start the game, you spawn somewhere in your base. You will spot several buttons. They will say, Firefight, Battle Rush, Campaign and so on. If you want to play Firefight, you just simply, click "e" over the button, then the game starts, and combine soilders start. Ect for the rest.

Download Links:
Zwonder 1
Download Here:

Zwonder 2 V.2 Completed
Download Here:

Zwonder 3
Download not available yet. April 7th Estimated release

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