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Hay guys. Im ditching this website. Check my new website out.

Lots of sutff as released, as well as Zwonder 3.

Website DITCHED!
Check my new website out.
Heard This Word? | Views: 7381 | Update Day: 06.04.2011 | Comments (5)

Well game development for Zwonder 3 couldn't get much better. The good news is my Error.txt file is empty.
But May 1st may be a mile away for some. But it may come alot sooner then that. So far I've been following 4 rules.

1.What could make Zwonder 3 better?
2.Test play then type out problems
3.Consider fans suggestions
4.Fun gameplay and keep the player entertained.
Zwonder 3 - Great news | Views: 4997 | Update Day: 04.10.2011 | Comments (3)

So TheAlmightyLol, any Updates?
Yup. Originally Zwonder 3 would have to be restarted to play other Game Configs (Firefight, Infinite, ect). But now there is a Reset Button.

What is the Reset Button?
A mile tall list of Outputs, that resets everything.

Imagine this. Once you select a game, it turns off the lights. The Reset button turns the lights back up, and stop the game.
A push to make Zwonder 3 Perfect | Views: 646 | Update Day: 04.03.2011 | Comments (1)

Things are going great. But some things are getting yanked from the game. Read below.

Whats been removed?
Random Box
Game Config (Defend the crate)

Whats been added?

Game score (When any unit dies, it adds +1 to your score, see by pressing 'tab')
Defend Alyx (Has been replaced with Defend the crate)

Whats this Blue laser thing?
Its called "Sonic Blast". The one thing that evens out the gameplay in Zwonder 3.
The button to activate kills npcs, so watch out for your allies. Also it reloads every 50 seconds.
Zwonder 3 - Easy over Hot | Views: 690 | Update Day: 04.02.2011 | Comments (0)

Zwonder 3 - Gameplay Trailer

Update: I am terribly sorry. Second time this is being technically delayed. Between right now and May 1st it will be released.
Zwonder 3 - Gameplay Trailer | Views: 703 | Update Day: 04.01.2011 | Comments (0)

Not much going on. Campaign needs some work. Random Box may be taken out. And some additional ideas are beind added in. If I were to saw a percent on completion.

Zwonder 3 is 97% completed. Adding the final touches and such.

Well be sure to comment and like my youtube videos. I'm not getting the spirit like I use to :(
Zwonder 3 | Views: 747 | Update Day: 03.31.2011 | Comments (0)

Firefight - Combine soilders and metro cops gain up to take over your base.
Battle Rush - Combine Soilders and Fast zombies take a big crap on you. Its called a rush for a reason!
Campaign - Remember ZWONDER 2? Well it will be like that, a few new things to freshen up gameplay. Also random waves.
Infinite Mode - The complete ZWONDER 3 experience. You battle every zombie, except slow zombie torso (how SLOW!). (Next trailer will be Infinite Mode).
Defend The Crate - How it sounds, its a big crate with 4500 heath, and Fast zombies are focused on destroying the big crate. The crate will be guarded by a few wooden gates.
Angry Mob - A crap load of rebels sprint to your base with stun batons, beer bottles, crowbars and some will have pistols.

(May add one more ... Read more »
Zwonder 3 - Game Config Update! | Views: 713 | Update Day: 03.29.2011 | Comments (2)

Zwonder 3 Firefight Preview
Zwonder 3 Firefight Quick Preview FIRST TRAILER | Views: 702 | Update Day: 03.27.2011 | Comments (0)

A new game config has been added. And Zombie Arcade has been taken out.

Its called Infinite. Basically it consists of basic Zombie Survival. From Fast zombies, Slow Zombies, TorsoFast Zombies, and Zombines.
Zwonder 3 Game Config Added | Views: 771 | Update Day: 03.26.2011 | Comments (0)

For the first time, I got the first glimse of the potential that Zwonder 3 has held all the time. Everything feels to glue togther into a master piece. Zwonder 3 is exactly how I wanted it to be. So here is some news.
Battle Rush:

Battle rush has changed into only Elite Combine and Fast Zombies. No worry, it goes together great.
HL2 Music:
Only the best HL2 songs have been chosen to randomly play during your epic Zwonder 3 battle.
Firefight (Combine Soilders):
I played it earlier, and I just simply got my ass KICKED. But I will be lowering down the combine count down. There are elite combines, Noval prospect, and Metrocops with stun batons.

*I have also went ahead and added birds that fly randomly around the map. It adds a good touch.
Zwonder 3 FANTASIC NEWS | Views: 724 | Update Day: 03.26.2011 | Comments (0)

Well guys. I am zipping up Zwonder_3. It may be another week until release, but expect a trailer soon.

Zwonder Trailer Soon. | Views: 653 | Update Day: 03.25.2011 | Comments (0)

Changes in the past few days:
*Finished game config Firefight (Combine War)
*Lighting has been adjusted
*Soundscapes, weather effects, particles, lights, and easter eggs have been edited and added
*More buttons, cameras, spawn points, and campaign has greatly increased game-play length
*Info nodes, and AI are acting more the way they are suppose to
*Random box has been adjusted to spawn the same set of supplies, reload time for random box is now 50 seconds
*Entrance door time has been changed to the same way in Zwonder_2

Zwonder 3 Changes | Views: 730 | Update Day: 03.25.2011 | Comments (0)

Its been around 4 weeks of development. Its been awesome working on this map so far. I think all of you will find your little excuses to hate it or love it. But I made sure there was something for everyone.
I have gone out of my way to make this as relastic as possible. Environment soundscapes, sparks, wind, particles, glows, thumpers, more music and everything will lift the spirit in the game, something zwonder_2 lacked.
I've filled alot of requests to zwonder 2 or 3. So lets talk about some of them.
Heath Spawner - 45 or 60 seconds it will randomly spawn a battery or heathkit
Random Box - Spawns alot of ammo, reload time is still in debate.
Sonic Blast - On campaign this starts disabled, but after a while you earn to use it. It basically shocks all the zombies near the entrance door.
... Read more »
Zwonder 3 Thrilling Update | Views: 682 | Update Day: 03.23.2011 | Comments (3)

Well guys we have a change of plans. I mentioned something earlier in my posts about 10 Minute Rush. Basically 10 minute rush was antlions, combines and zombies all rushing you for 10 minutes.

Point is, I've played it, and I had so much fun, and I was so disappointed when it ended, So now it is all called Battle Rush.
Zwonder 3 The Triplets | Views: 772 | Update Day: 03.23.2011 | Comments (2)

I've been thinking to myself. Zwonder 2 had rounds, waves and such. But it was always the same. The only thing that was different was the allies you had alive, and the zombies, and where you the player was. But in Zwonder 3, it will be completely different. Every time you play Zwonder 3, it will be different.

*This also includes random Boss battles.

Basically what you see here is the beggining of the game. First it hits the logic relay. Thus triggering and enabling the first npc_template_maker. OnAllSpawnedDead display 2round2text. And enable 2wave npc_template_maker.

Then Once it hits the boss wave, they're will be three possibles (A horde of fast zombies, combine soilders, or antlion rush). But the wave4 npc_Template_maker, OnAllSpawnedDead, Pick random from Logic_Case. Which i ... Read more »
Efforts to make replay value [And Tutorial] | Views: 700 | Update Day: 03.22.2011 | Comments (0)

Zwonder 3 map is completed. Campaign has started.
Tipping point | Views: 681 | Update Day: 03.22.2011 | Comments (4)

HOLY CRAP! I've just counted all the downloads of Zwonder 2, and V.2 Both on Gmod.org and Toybox, which equals
Thanks so much guys. This means so much, and all the comments and messages. I'm making Zwonder_3 great for all of you, and all you're thankful messages and comments. Get ready for awesomeness :D
Download Update | Views: 742 | Update Day: 03.21.2011 | Comments (0)

Lighting changed. Map is 95% Complete. Game configs are being made.
Some more Zwonder 3 Update Images | Views: 747 | Update Day: 03.21.2011 | Comments (0)

Zwonder 3 Polishing | Views: 713 | Update Day: 03.20.2011 | Comments (1)

So, alot of people asked for a ammo box. And This is what I've done. It is called 'The Random Box' It will give you a random amount of ammo for a random gun. The reload time is still being debated. But Im guessing around 20 or 30 seconds. The box will give a good amount of ammo though, so no worry.
20% Pistol or SMG ammo
60% Shotgun Ammo
5% Battery
25% Other
But of course, these are all mixed up. And there are some other possiblites, like crates full of ammo, and maybe npcs. A few easter eggs as well, if your lucky enough.
Zwonder 3 Working up its potenial. | Views: 714 | Update Day: 03.20.2011 | Comments (0)

A little more.
Zwonder 3 Another Update | Views: 706 | Update Day: 03.20.2011 | Comments (0)

Nevermind guys. Zwonder 3 is going great. Problems are being fixed, ideas are being made, suggestions are being made into a reality in Zwonder 3. So heres another picture or so.
Zwonder 3 Good Update | Views: 710 | Update Day: 03.19.2011 | Comments (0)

Hay guys, its morning here. And this is sure a drag, Zwonder 3 is running into some wierd skybox error, zombies are not wanting  come after me. But rest asure, I am on it right now. I ran into worst problems in Zwonder 2. Infact I can't believe I got to release Zwonder 2 with only 2 or 3 problems. Well anyway I did believe I would say some stuff about Zwonder 3.
So far I've decided to add a few game configurations.
As in Zwonder 2, there was just "PRESS THIS AND START!", however in Zwonder 3. There will be around 6 game configurations. Some of the ones I've thought and currently working on are below.
*10 Minute Rush (Antlions, Combines, and Zombies will rush your base for 10 minutes) See how many times you die, see if your sweps are really up for the toughest fast paced challenge!)
*Campaign (Waves, Rounds, Chapters, and so on, around 3 hours of gameplay. Also everytim ... Read more »
Zwonde 3 Update | Views: 668 | Update Day: 03.19.2011 | Comments (0)

A mere photo, a frame of the awesomeness Zwonder_3 awaits all of you.

Zwonder 3 will have more customization then ever. More rewards, and more reply game value then ever. Expect the most.

And something I like to call, game configuration. I will explain in my next update.

Zwonder 3 Updates | Views: 725 | Update Day: 03.19.2011 | Comments (0)

I want to have at least 2 different trailers for each version or map that I share with everyone. So here.
Yet another trailer for Zwonder 2 V.2 | Views: 722 | Update Day: 03.18.2011 | Comments (0)

Zwonder 2 V.3 Enchanted

"wow, this is EPIC WIN!!! the only con about this awesome zombie survival is that i get checkerboard sand and rock textures, but good thing they're not purple and black. P.S. I have both episodes 1 and 2, updated. So, how do you fix the checkerboarded textures?"

I foolishly just found this out.
Errors in V.2.
*No water
*Some people have a checkerboard texture. But no black and purple. That must mean there are no CUBEMAPS.
*And a error in chapter 2, the button makes more dropships and more texts spawns, I recommend to just press it once, then done.
I came to a conclusion. | Views: 634 | Update Day: 03.18.2011 | Comments (0)

Zwonder 2 Completed V.2 Uploaded | Views: 684 | Update Day: 03.17.2011 | Comments (0)

Zwonder 2 Completed V.2 Completed Trailer Photo | Views: 675 | Update Day: 03.17.2011 | Comments (0)

Zwonder 2 Complete V.2 Trailer Uploaded | Views: 725 | Update Day: 03.17.2011 | Comments (0)

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