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Efforts to make replay value [And Tutorial]
I've been thinking to myself. Zwonder 2 had rounds, waves and such. But it was always the same. The only thing that was different was the allies you had alive, and the zombies, and where you the player was. But in Zwonder 3, it will be completely different. Every time you play Zwonder 3, it will be different.

*This also includes random Boss battles.

Basically what you see here is the beggining of the game. First it hits the logic relay. Thus triggering and enabling the first npc_template_maker. OnAllSpawnedDead display 2round2text. And enable 2wave npc_template_maker.

Then Once it hits the boss wave, they're will be three possibles (A horde of fast zombies, combine soilders, or antlion rush). But the wave4 npc_Template_maker, OnAllSpawnedDead, Pick random from Logic_Case. Which is two possibles, Boss wave 1 or 2. But overall boss battles will be a little more frequent in Zwonder 3 then 2.

Youtube - Hammer Tutorial Logic case and Math_counter
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