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Some comments on Zwonder 2 BETA.
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"This map is a gift."
" Thank you so much for this map! I LOEV IT!!!1!!1!"
"So I can play this with myself?" - I lold
"This is pretty neat, thanks for contributing."
"nodes!!!!!" - NODES INDEED!
"Hmmm this looks good"
"finally :) something i get to test all of my sweps" -Well said
"finally, a good map with nodes, and with the capability to create an awesome npc war."
"This is a brilliant survival map, good work."
"its the best! keep making stuff like this!" - Sure!
"keep making another I love this"
"I beat all of the rounds!!!" - Alright, lol.
"very very very very very very very awesome dude"
"Very Nice"
"YO, that word flashing part, is that a codeing error? and very nice map man, keep chugging out new epic maps" -no lol, its a logic_timer messed up

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