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8:24 PM
For the first time, I got the first glimse of the potential that Zwonder 3 has held all the time. Everything feels to glue togther into a master piece. Zwonder 3 is exactly how I wanted it to be. So here is some news.
Battle Rush:

Battle rush has changed into only Elite Combine and Fast Zombies. No worry, it goes together great.
HL2 Music:
Only the best HL2 songs have been chosen to randomly play during your epic Zwonder 3 battle.
Firefight (Combine Soilders):
I played it earlier, and I just simply got my ass KICKED. But I will be lowering down the combine count down. There are elite combines, Noval prospect, and Metrocops with stun batons.

*I have also went ahead and added birds that fly randomly around the map. It adds a good touch.
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