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4:51 AM
Zwonder 3 - Game Config Update!
Firefight - Combine soilders and metro cops gain up to take over your base.
Battle Rush - Combine Soilders and Fast zombies take a big crap on you. Its called a rush for a reason!
Campaign - Remember ZWONDER 2? Well it will be like that, a few new things to freshen up gameplay. Also random waves.
Infinite Mode - The complete ZWONDER 3 experience. You battle every zombie, except slow zombie torso (how SLOW!). (Next trailer will be Infinite Mode).
Defend The Crate - How it sounds, its a big crate with 4500 heath, and Fast zombies are focused on destroying the big crate. The crate will be guarded by a few wooden gates.
Angry Mob - A crap load of rebels sprint to your base with stun batons, beer bottles, crowbars and some will have pistols.

(May add one more game config. Just to be clear to everyone, these are not GAME MODES. You press a button and these modes activate in-game. Only requirement is gmod and ep2.
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1 JJ   [Entry]
You must have tiger blood. This is WINNING. Do work, son.

2 Alex   [Entry]
Yeah it is sure a brain melter, thanks though.

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