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3:10 PM
Zwonder 3 Thrilling Update
Its been around 4 weeks of development. Its been awesome working on this map so far. I think all of you will find your little excuses to hate it or love it. But I made sure there was something for everyone.
I have gone out of my way to make this as relastic as possible. Environment soundscapes, sparks, wind, particles, glows, thumpers, more music and everything will lift the spirit in the game, something zwonder_2 lacked.
I've filled alot of requests to zwonder 2 or 3. So lets talk about some of them.
Heath Spawner - 45 or 60 seconds it will randomly spawn a battery or heathkit
Random Box - Spawns alot of ammo, reload time is still in debate.
Sonic Blast - On campaign this starts disabled, but after a while you earn to use it. It basically shocks all the zombies near the entrance door.
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2 Masterwolf   [Entry]
Hey bro!!!! Did you get that idea from me when I was telling you about the nuke in my map? :P

3 Alex   [Entry]
Haha, ya Sonic Blast was kinda from your idea from a nuke. But I thought a nuke would be laggy.

But Zwonder 3 needed some way to zap down those extra ass biters.

1 supernovaakntor   [Entry]
looks like zwonder 3 will be the best zwonder yet or even the best gmod zombie survival. :)

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